Tax Questions

Who are most likely to get audited?


The following groups of people are most at risk to get audited by the IRS. These groups of taxpayers are subject to IRS audits much more frequently than other taxpayers.


Who are most likely to get audited

Taxpayers with large amounts of gross income. Not only by auditing these taxpayers, the IRS is likely to get more money out of them but high income taxpayers are most likely to have a system to pay less taxes such as trusts and corporations which are more prone to filing taxes incorrectly.

Self employed individual with substantial business income and deductions often overstate expenses and claiming more tax deductions than they should.

Who get audited
Who else tend to get audited by the IRS?

Other taxpayers who are more likely to get audited by the IRS are:

  • taxpayers  with prior tax deficiencies
  • cash businesses such as cafes and small service businesses