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  • If you are a self employed taxpayer, you usually receive a 1099 MISC from any payer that has paid you over a certain amount of dollars. A self employed individuals will not receive a W-2 form but will receive a 1099-MISC form instead to report income to the IRS.

  • 1099 questions refer to information return questions. There are many 1099 forms for different purposes and people often have 1099 questions when they come to prepare their taxes. But 1099 tax forms are not the only ones used for reporting information return.

  • If you are filing your 2011 tax return in 2012 then the tax brackets you need are 2011 tax brackets, not 2012 tax brackets. The 2011 tax brackets will be used for preparing tax returns in the year 2012.

  • Need an answer to a tax question? You can use the form below to ask you tax questions for free. The Tax Questions Center has a team of volunteers who will find out the answer to your tax questions for free.

  • If you are a Sensaria representative, you should learn about claiming taxes on Sensaria home business. There are many tax incentives for people to start a home based business.

  • If the company that is supposed to send out a 1099 form to you has not sent out one, you may have to fight with them to get it. Although, as a rule for 1099 forms, the company is supposed to report certain business transactions to the IRS and at the same time send out the 1099 forms to the payees, some companies are not complying with the IRS.

  • Please use the contact form below to contact Tax Questions. Thank you. If you owe the IRS any tax debts, you can get a free consultation below.

  • Some people receive 1099 forms and wonder 'do I have to claim a 1099 form on my taxes'. There are many types of 1099 tax forms and they are for different transactions.

  • Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not have to pay income tax. In order to establish if you have to pay income tax or not, you first have to establish if you have to file income tax return to the IRS and your state or local governments or not.

  • There are exceptions to the underpayment penalty.