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  • From time to time, taxpayers have reasons to get a copy of their income tax returns from the IRS. Most people save a copy of their tax return before filing with the IRS but if you happen to lose your copy of your tax return, you can get a copy from the IRS. Below is how to get a copy of your income tax return from the IRS.

  • There are 5 ways to pay estimated tax to the IRS. Below is a list of the different ways to pay estimated tax.

  • If you are new to tax preparation, know that there is a big market out there for tax preparation. There are many ways to prepare income tax.

  • There are many ways to prepare your tax return for free. First of all, each year from the beginning of February through April 15, the AARP, tax aide, or other tax preparation assistance programs offer tax preparation help for people who need them, with the emphasis on elderly taxpayers and low income taxpayers.

  • There are many ways to reduce income taxes.

  • The tax laws are complicated and can be difficult to interpret or understand. Whenever you have problem with tax filing, there are many organizations that can offer your income tax help. There are even organizations that can help you fight the IRS in tax cases. The IRS themselves offer many forms of income tax help throughout the year but more a few months leading to the income tax filing due date.

  • Below are income tax questions to help taxpayers understand how to file their income tax returns.

  • What people loosely refer to as the IRS income tax is the federal income tax as opposed to state income tax or city income tax. Every income earners need to pay the IRS income tax every year. The tax filing deadline for filing the IRS income tax is usually April 15th for most taxpayers. Below are some frequently asked questions about the IRS income tax.

  • Below are IRS questions or tax questions relating to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Most people dread the idea of having to face the IRS. An IRS audit is daunting so you want to be as prepared as possible when filing their tax returns or when having to correspond with the IRS. Knowing basic answer to IRS questions will help a long way.

  • Sometimes a taxpayer and his or her spouse can pay joint estimated taxes instead of making separate estimated tax payments. Below are the rules for making joint estimated tax payments.