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  • Filing for a tax extension for corporation, what IRS tax form to use to file tax extension for corporation? If you need a tax extension for your corporation, you can file the tax form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Income Tax Return.

  • Below are tax filing questions. Not everyone needs to file tax returns and questions below will help taxpayers determine if they need to file their tax returns.

  • See also Federal Income Tax on Life Insurance. Below is an example of how the federal income tax on life insurance proceeds work.

  • Below are questions about paying taxes.

  • Below are tax preparation questions. Each year, the majority of individuals and businesses need to prepare and file their tax returns. Tax preparation is not as hard as people think it is and below are questions about tax preparation that will help taxpayers prepare and file their tax returns.

  • Below are general tax questions and answers such as what different types of taxes are in the US as well as how to questions about taxes.

  • Tax Questions is a resource website for taxpayers. When it comes to tax codes, tax laws and the IRS, most taxpayers have questions, usually more than one. Most of the tax questions are not easily answered by reading IRS guides, IRS instruction booklets or IRS tax publications.

  • Each year, individuals, corporations and businesses file tax returns. Most people still dread tax filing time because they don't understand certain things about their tax returns or how to file tax return properly.

  • Capital gain distributions are also called capital gain dividends are not capital gains as referred to when a capital asset is sold for profit.

  • Below are some of the audit flags that can prompt the IRS to take a look at your tax return.