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  • Below is the definition of the Statute of Limitation as well as information concerning the statute of limitation.

  • One of the most asked questions about tax brackets by taxpayers is "what tax bracket am I in?" In order to answer this question, let's resume our example of "What is my Tax Bracket?"

  • A lot of people wonder what to do when a hobby becomes a business in terms of taxes. There are many people that start something as a hobby and find it profitable so they turn the hobby into a business.

  • Below is the list of information and documents you need to have when doing taxes. If you go to a tax preparer such as H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt or Liberty Tax Service, they will ask you to bring the following tax items.

  • When doing taxes, there are a lot of documents that you need to have in order to prepare your tax return and there are useful documents that you don't need but will help you prepare your tax return.

  • Taxes are due on April 15 of the following year for most people.

  • Do you use a home office for your business? To qualify as a home office, your office must be used regularly and exclusively as one of these.

  • You can file your taxes any time between the time the IRS opens up for receiving tax returns and the deadline for filing tax returns which, for most people it, is April 15 of the following calendar year.

  • You can start filing your 2007 income tax return from January 11, 2008. January 11, 2008 is the first day the IRS starts accepting tax returns.

  • The IRS itself was not formed until 1953 in a Treasury Decision. However, the idea of the IRS and even the name IRS was used before that date during the Civil War and there after.