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  • If you want to get tax refunds or lower your tax liability, then you can either find tax credits to claim or find tax deductions to lower your taxable income. Below are tax deduction questions.
  • There are many ways to reduce income taxes.
  • Do you use a home office for your business? To qualify as a home office, your office must be used regularly and exclusively as one of these.
  • If you are a Sensaria representative, you should learn about claiming taxes on Sensaria home business. There are many tax incentives for people to start a home based business.
  • When a business owner needs to claim a business expense deduction, he has she needs to know what can be claimed in one cannot be. The business expenses must be “ordinary and necessary”.
  • There are certain tax deductions that are available to the self-employed only. Below is the list of common tax deductions that are available to the self-employed but not to taxpayers in general.
  • Each year, individuals, corporations and businesses file tax returns. Most people still dread tax filing time because they don't understand certain things about their tax returns or how to file tax return properly.
  • Single is one of the 5 tax filing status. When you prepare your tax return, you need to choose your tax filing status. So, what is the definition of "single" for tax filing status?
  • When you are married without any dependents, then you have the choice of filing your tax return as a married couple filing jointly or married filing separately.
  • If you are legally married, you can choose to file your tax return as a married filing separately taxpayer or a married filing jointly taxpayer. Any married person can file as married filing separately if he or she chooses to.
  • Head of household is another great tax filing status to qualify for. So, who is considered head of household by the IRS definition? What is head of household tax filing status?
  • Qualifying widow or qualifying widower with dependent child is the last of the tax filing status allowed by the IRS.