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Tax Extension for Corporation

Filing for a tax extension for corporation, what IRS tax form to use to file tax extension for corporation?

If you need a tax extension for your corporation, you can file the tax form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Income Tax Return.

By filing tax form 7004, you get 6 additional months to file your corporation's income tax return. As with individual tax return, tax extension for corporation means extension of time to file the corporate tax return, not extension of time to pay the corporation's tax due. When filing for an automatic tax extension for your corporation, you need to estimate how much tax your corporation owes the IRS and send payment with the form 7004.

Tax Extension for Corporation

So, the new corporation extension due date for filing tax return is 6 months from the original due date of your corporation tax which is different for each corporation depending on its tax year.


Tax Extension for information return for corporation

For a corporation, the IRS is more strict with information returns (W-2s and 1099s). Each information return must be filed on time. If your corporation needs an extension for filing information returns, then you need to file the Form 8809, Request for Extension of Time to File Information Returns. But, the extension for information return is not automatic and the IRS needs to be convinced that you need the extension. If you manage to convince the IRS then your extension for information return only lasts 30 days.

Information return extension

A second request can be filed if needed. An application for extension of time to pay taxes can also be filed.