Tax Questions

When do you have to file taxes?


Not everyone has to file taxes. Below are situations when you will have to file your taxes.

You must file a federal income tax return is you are a US citizen, US resident or a resident of Puerto Rico and you meet the federal tax filing requirements. Self employed people need to file taxes if their net earnings from self employment were $400 or more.

In general, you need to file taxes if you have gross income of at least the followings.


If your tax filing status is
AND at the end of 2007 you were..
Then file a tax return if your gross income were at least...
Single under 65 $8,750
65 or older $10,050
Married filing jointly under 65 (both spouses) $17,500
65 or older (one spouse) $18,550
65 or older (both spouses) $19,600
Married filing separately any age $3,400
Head of household under 65 $11,250
65 or older $12,550
Qualifying widow(er) with dependent Child under 65 $14,100
65 or older $15,150

If you were born on January 1, 1943, you are considered to be age 65 at the end of 207.