Tax Questions

What do I need to find tax deductions?

Below are useful forms and documents you should have handy when trying to find all the tax deductions and tax adjustments to lower your tax bills.


  • Forms 1098-E and statements for student loan interest you paid

  • Forms 5498 reporting IRA contributions and other account information

  • Forms 5498-SA reporting Health Savings Account contributions

  • Forms 1098 reporting home mortgage interest you paid

  • HUD-1 settlement statement, if you bought or sold a home

  • Tax bills for real estate, vehicle and personal property tax you paid

  • Receipts showing state and local taxes paid

  • Records of charitable donations

  • Receipts for job-related moving expenses

  • Records of alimony payments, including the names and Social Security numbers of recipients

  • Records of unreimbursed medical expenses for doctors, dentists, hospitals, prescriptions and insurance

  • Records of unreimbursed job expenses such as vehicle use, travel, uniforms and dues

  • Other statements or receipts for your itemized deductions