Tax Questions
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What to have when doing taxes?

  • Personal property tax information
  • Sales receipts for new purchases
  • Gifts to charity (qualified written statement from charity for any single donations of $250 or more)
  • unreimbursed expenses related to volunteer work
  • unreimbursed expenses related to your job (travel expenses, uniforms, union dues, subscriptions)
  • Investment expenses
  • Job hunting expenses
  • Job related education expenses
  • Child care expenses
  • Medical savings accounts
  • Adoption expenses
  • Alimony paid
  • Tax return preparation expenses and fees
Self employment data
  • business income (Form 1099-MISC and/ or own records)
  • Partnership SE income (Schedule K-1)
  • Business related expenses (receipts, other documents and own records)
  • Farm related expenses (receipts, other documents and own records)
  • Employment taxes and other business taxes paid for current year (payment records)
Miscellaneous Tax Documents
  • Federal, state, and local estimated income tax paid for current year (estimated tax vouchers, cancelled checks and other payment records)
  • IRA, Keogh and other retirement plan contributions (if self employed, identify as for self or employees)
  • Records to document medical expenses
  • Records for any other expenditures that may be deductible
  • Records for any other revenue or sales of property that may be taxable or reportable
Direct deposit or debit
  • Voided check
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